About us
3DIreland is a International 3D-media company established in Ireland 2009.
The team working alongside CEO Max Berchulski consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of stereo-3D media, publishing and graphic design.
3D Ireland is Ireland's only producer of high quality content stereo-3D (video and still) which implements advertising productions for both Irish and international Customers. We provide 3D promotional product lines for high profile clients such as The National Gallery of Ireland & Russborough, Blessington.

Our experience with large productions allow us to transfer world-class film standard productions on advertising and published materials and bring unique promotional offerings to the market place.
We offer one of the most dynamic services and unique offerings in 3D production in Ireland today.

"It is as if you appeared in this small, deep world where people are alive, the trees rustle and you can almost hear the flowing stream. Thanks to 3D photography we can now turn everything around us into real living memories."

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